Natasha Fortson is a multidisciplinary artist that uses her cultural and environmental influences as a foundational source for her practice. Raised within close proximity to Mexico, the Los Angeles born Chicana had the privilege of calling both California and Mexico home. Her direct environment informs her usage of found objects, sustainable materials, or choice of mediums; reciprocally, the integrity of each medium assists in the expression of varying themes in her environment.

She aims to use her ability to access different spaces as the potential to learn, connect, expand communities and help develop consciousness between each scene. In each space, she questions socio political hierarchies and recontextualizes them through a structure of reciprocal care, collaboration and an illumination to reach a deeper connection to the self.

She works heavily with tactility, sound, texture, interaction and engagement. While each element can stand alone, her blending of each medium works symbiotically to evoke a mixture of reactions. Although her work is always backed by extensive research, care, and exploration, she prefers open ended deliveries and abstract visual storytelling to convey each piece’s malleability.