Natasha Fortson
Visual Artist, Curator

9 : A fallen chandelier intercepts a crumbling cement table fully adorned with hand sculpted candles. Two massive 80x90” oil paintings depicting scenes of phantom connections mirror one another on each side of the dinner table on fire. Natasha Fortson creates a space of intimacy and introspection through a performance that urges its spectators to ponder the emotions that emerge when facing oneself - stripped, honest, raw, and unfiltered. Using live elements and an intentional juxtaposition of disturbing and enchanting symbolism, Fortson takes inspiration from magical realism and her cultural roots to portray the duality and complexity of an individual. Hidden messages allude to experience with sexual assault, drug abuse, fetishization, and deceit - all reclaimed as an opening for truth, healing, and self love.

Current work in progress :
NYC, 2023 / Chandelier falling through table

NYC, 2022 / 2nd half of the Diptych

Finshed Pieces / Underpainting Details
LA, 2020 / First half of Diptych

A Work in Progress / Projected Finish Date : Fall 2023