Natasha Fortson
Visual Artist, Curator



Celebrating the power in vulnerability, a pile of bodies reincarnates as a mass of energy, light, and heat. This piece is a testament to the ability to face traumas, heal, and create new spaces that provide safety and comfort in vulnerability instead of its exploitation. 

Painting & Referance

Photo Edits
NYC, 2019

︎︎︎ Shot by Brian Quintos and Creative Directed by myself, I created a safe space to explore vulnerability through movement, form, and various lenses.︎︎︎ 

VEVB Photo Book
Hand Printed & Bound in 2019

Realized through interaction, we exercised the ways in which a body can interact with another to portray emotion. In a world where vulnerability is often taken advantage of, we re-contextualized the action and allowed ourselves to experience the range of emotions that could come with embodying complete openness.  

46x58 Oil on Canvas 2020