Natasha Fortson
Visual Artist, Curator

Arquetopia Printmaking Residency

During my time at Arquetopia, I utilized a mixture of printmaking processes with rituals of physical movements to explore concepts regarding time, memory healing, and family relations.

Two subjects are explored side by side : the history, influence, and generational inheritance that my grandparents and ancestors were able to pass down; and a personal examination of how my life experiences can be celebrated, healed, and connected to my family line. The questions arise : why are certain experiences, talents, traits, traumas, granted the access to live past one life? Do we have agency in what we pass down? Is there any agency in what we inherit?

I question whether there is a way to calculate the effects of experiences to measure how or why they impregnate into the DNA of generations to follow. Naturally, I contemplate which aspects of my reality will be passed down, and whether or not I have the capability to heal certain traumas in order to resist their imprint. In an act of radical vulnerability, I dove into several bodies of work that have forced me to reckon with my past, face myself, practice deep gratitude.

Arbol De Vida / Arbol Ancestral

I draw connections between process and performance to life experiences. For example, the lengthy processes of lithography was assigned to exploring themes based on my elders and ancestors. Alternatively, quick, painterly monotypes inhabited daily self explorations. These exercises involved solo performances that recorded movement - something that acted as a symbol for the emotional transience we experience during moments of transformation and exploration.

Abuela y Tatara Abuela

Process photos July-August ‘22

An Ongoing Series

A Series of Sketches, Notes, and Digital Paintings:

Selection of Paper Tiles
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