Painting, Design, Printmaking, Sculpture, Curation

Flower Shop Collective Member

2020 - PRESENT


2015 Advertising Art, St. John’s University

2019 Graphic Design Semester Abroad, Elisava

2020 BFA, Communications Design, Pratt Institute


September 2017 Fuuji & Cuurlz, Brooklyn, NY

April 2018 BS Show, Brooklyn, NY

October 2018 Backyart Show, Brooklyn, NY

November 2018 LMVVA Show, Brooklyn, NY

December 2018 TAS Show, Brooklyn, NY

August 2019 Revival, Brooklyn, NY

October 2019 Group Happening, Mountainville, NY

November 2019 Deflation, Brooklyn NY

Installations / Happenings

February 2019 Ciutadella Installation, Barcelona, Spain

December 2019 Pratt Institute, Brooklyn, NY

February 2020 The Broadway, Brooklyn, NY

Group Exhibitions

January 2019 Il Giardinetto Showcase, Barcelona, Spain

April 2019 Elisava Exhibit, Barcelona, Spain

January 2020 Untitled Show, Brooklyn, NY

October 2021 Direct Deposit, Manhattan, NY

Artist Residencies

August 2020 (postponed to August 2022) Printmaking Residency at Arquetopia, Puebla, Mexico


Quartz Magazine


Alex Carr, Programmique, GOND, Arlene’s Grocery, Acid Dad, MOZ / Marcela Fortson, Doll Klaw, Halima,

Greg Tock, Springbone, PTP Productions, Iris Studios, Rocnation, Rolodexmgmt

Private Collectors

Alex Carr

Hunter Hoffman

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