Natasha Fortson
Visual Artist, Curator

Natasha Fortson /Painter, Printmaker, Sculptor, Curator,
                Tattoo Artist

I’ve always held a certain magnetism for the repetitive - gravitating towards movements made over and over, I work to create layers, patterns, and pieces of a larger image. This intensifies the visual and textural surface of whatever I put my hands in.

In the end, but the most important aspect of my practice lies in the process. There is something cathartic and meditative in repetitive motion, both physically and mentally that helps me create work that acts as a reflection of the viewer, our surroundings, myself.

All of my work is heavily backed by research, experimentation, and a playful process of mixing mediums. I view each medium as a tool that can be used to express, something that can also be manipulated and placed outside of its ordinary limits.

The tools I use alter my language while I work, and I see how one medium has the power to drive another or to fluidly influence one another in unexpected ways.

My work thrives with space to physically map, develop, and combine my chosen mediums. My oil paintings typically explore large surfaces, including canvas, carved wood, or sculpted and found objects. With sculpture, I gravitate towards a mixture of heavy items and natural elements such as cement, plaster, wood, herbs, salts, food, natural dyes, fabric, or mold-making processes. Space to organize my materials and found objects is crucial to being efficient with building my explorations.


Exploring how my subject matter transforms with presentation has led me to create a habit of constantly building installations during all stages of my process. This form of map-making helps me to form deeper conceptual understandings and strengthen my visual language. This in-process staging also allows me to consistently invite prospective collaborators, collectors, curators, or clients for studio visits.